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Gentlemen of the BPI Class of 1970, As the Alumni Coordinator in the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation and Alumni Office, I have and continue to work with numerous classes in setting up their reunions. Of the many efforts in planning, one which has become increasingly popular, is the establishment of a mechanism to collect and share with fellow classmates “profiles” as supplied by the individual classmate.

These profiles can be short or long, general or specific, at the wish of the writer. Some I have seen have been one paragraph simply stating where they went to college and then their career path. Others have been detailed including sometimes funny stories of days at Poly which may resonate with their friends, marriage or marriages, children, grand children, hobbies and interests, travels and so on.

We have set up a section of our web site, www.poly70.org to collect these profiles. An individual, if he chooses can create their own blog, which will be accepted by the site manager once he verifies that indeed the sender is a fellow classmate and that the content is proper for posting, i.e. no profanity, calling others out, etc. Bear in mind the intent is not to verify the correctness of the information, but rather to make sure it conforms to our high standards.

We, the reunion committee believe that these profiles will do several things. Update fellow classmates, hopefully provide some funny memories, reveal some little-known things about ourselves and perhaps even draw classmates closer together as we find common interests.

We sincerely hope that you will consider taking part in this activity, particularly prior to our reunion, but these will stay active and submissions will be accepted after our reunion as well.

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Adrian Palazzi

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