Poly Class of 1970
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We need help finding our lost classmates. If you are in contact with any of them, or know someone who is, please direct them to this website. You may also use our Contact page to give us any information that you have.

Finding our lost classmates will help us have a more successful 50th reunion.

Help Us Find These Guys

Christopher Andrews
Dennis Arczynski
Jonathan Baker
George Beltran
Reginald Blackwell
Charles G Bond 
Richard Brown
William Brown
Henry Russell Brown 
Ulysses  Brown Jr
James G Bullock 
Leonard Buzby
Calvin O Byrd 
David Callan
Harry Carter
Robert Carter
Paul  Michael Cash 
Robert Cavey
Andrew Chin
Rolf Coburn
Timothy Cole
Donald Coleman
Leslie Collins
John Cummings
James R Davis 
Michael Dillon
Sherman Dobson
Marcus  Earp 
Douglas Einolf
James Fisher
Woodson Frank Francis 
Frederick J Franz 
Gregory Gibson
Alan Goldstein
Dennis Gordon
Paul Green
Ronald Griffin
George Hall
Harry Harden
Robert Hayes
Charles Helm
Richard Hom
Ellis Iskow
Mark Jett
Oy Don Joe 
Michael Jones
Ernest Karas
I.  Gary Katcoff 
Thomas Keefe
Timothy Keller
Stanley Krzywicki
Thomas D Lawrence 
Robert Wayne Lawson 
Gregory Lewis
David Leyh
Michael Mclaughlin
Robert Means
Robert Miceli
Clarence Miller
Norvel Miller
Walter Miller
Richard Morris
Robert Nicholson
Robin Kelley O'Connor 
Ricardo Adarin Oliver 
Sheldon Parker
Oliver Patterson
Marc Rabinowitz
Adrian  Rizel 
Kenneth  Bryan Robinson 
Michael L Robinson 
Michael William Robinson 
Thomas Allen Robinson 
Ernest William Rose 
Robert A Ryan 
Bruce Saxton
Donny Schaerf
Gregory Schneider
Robert William Shields 
William Skelton
William Slivey
B. Thomas Smith Jr
William Edward Smith 
Sam Stein
Michael Stevens
Eric Swartz
Tony Szewczyk
Gary Thornton
Eugene A Tilley
Frank John Wagner 
John Weininger
William Wells
Herbert White
Lawrence Williams
Anthony Gregory Williams 
Jeffrey Wayne Williams 
M C Wingenroth
Joseph Earl Wooden Jr
Lawrence I Zalis 
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