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We have reached our target!
Thanks Everyone!

Dear Classmates,

At the most recent Poly Class of 1970 50th reunion meeting, the committee discussed the idea of making a class gift, as we have never done this since our graduation. There are numerous projects which are under consideration in the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation and Alumni Association office, all of which are designed to directly benefit the students and alumni of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. The leading project needing support is one to hire a professional firm to scan every Poly yearbook we have, which numbers around 100, dating back to 1902. The scanned material will then go into a computer program which will be resident in the Foundation and Alumni Association office. An employee in that office can then simply type in a name of a graduate and the program will search the entire database and show every location right down to the page number where that name appears.

At first glance, this may not seem all that important, but the number of requests we receive weekly asking us to verify if someone graduated from Poly or asking if we have any pictures of a relative, grandfather, father, brother, etc. are many. I can’t possibly explain in a short letter how by doing this search, taking pictures with my cell phone and immediately sending them to a relative, has resulted in stirring fond memories of a graduate’s days at Poly and then ultimately a donation being made. We have a copy of the 1970 Cracker scanned by this firm and we can use it as a display at our reunion to show you the quality and value. This scanned copy is resident on a thumb drive and we can use it to make copies for sale, as the books are no longer in print, and naturally, the older the yearbooks get, the more damage is done simply by handling them.

You can download the 1970 yearbook by clicking here.

We are asking each member of the Polytechnic class of 1970 to consider joining us in raising money to support this effort. The total cost to have the yearbooks scanned and set the system up is in the $ 12,000.00 range. Whether you are attending our 50th reunion or not, we ask that you consider contributing to this effort. We are not asking for a specific amount from each classmate, but rather we ask that you give this some thought and let your heart guide you in whatever dollar amount you can.

If you are inclined to participate in our effort, and we certainly hope you are, please make your check payable to BPIF&AA (Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation and Alumni Association), a 501©3 organization which makes your contribution tax deductible. The address is:

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation and Alumni Association
1400 W. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, Maryland 21209

Alternatively, you are welcome to click here to make your gift securely online.

Thank you for your consideration and please remember, it is not too late to purchase tickets to our 50th!!!


Class of 1970 50th Reunion Committee

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