Poly Class of 1970
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Our intent is multi-purposed. We'd like updated classmate information including correct spelling of name, address, city, state, zipcode, EMAIL ADDRESS and phone number. This information will be kept in our database as well as in the master database in the Poly Foundation and Alumni office. The information will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone other than fellow classmates, the Poly Foundation and the Poly Alumni association! If you would like to receive monthly email blasts sent out by the Poly Foundation and Alumni office, we will see that happens. If you prefer not to receive the monthly email blasts from the office, we will make sure you are removed from the list of those who are sent this blast.

To this end we are creating this website. We will be using a secure connection to gather information/write-ups about fellow classmates. For example, if a person is willing, they can do a write up about yourself, including what you have done since graduating from Poly, University attended, work career, family, etc. anything a person wants to share. These make for some interesting reading and allows even those who don’t come to the reunion to catch up.

We ask everyone who visits this page to do so frequently as we will be posting updates as to the status of our planning. Feel free to offer your comments and suggestions as we appreciate and need your input.

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