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Welcome to the Poly Class of 1970 Reunion Website

This website is for members of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Class of 1970 to assist in planning our 50th Class Reunion.

Our intent is multi-purposed. We'd like updated classmate information including correct spelling of name, address, city, state, zipcode, EMAIL ADDRESS and phone number. This information will be kept in our database as well as in the master database in the Poly Foundation and Alumni office. The information will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone other than fellow classmates, the Poly Foundation and the Poly Alumni association!

To this end we are creating this website. We will be using a secure connection to gather information/write-ups about fellow classmates. For example, if a person is willing, they can do a write up about yourself, including what you have done since graduating from Poly, University attended, work career, family, etc. anything a person wants to share. These make for some interesting reading and allows even those who don’t come to the reunion to catch up. And only registered members can view these pages.

If you want to catch up with a classmate whom you have lost contact with over the years, click here.

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On Saturday, October 16, 2021. The Polytechnic Class of 1970 held its 50th reunion, delayed by the COVID 19 Pandemic. A couple of years of planning and many hours of hard work by classmates attempting to locate every living classmate of the class of 1970.

The culmination was a great night of entertainment by the Class of 1970 Band led by Ed Starleper. A year of virtual practices to include out of state residents paid off as the music of the 1960’s came to life in their outstanding performance.

A short program which included a video memorial to those classmates who have passed as well as display boards at the hall entrance listing those now gone by homeroom.

Two former teachers, Mr. David Buchoff, senior class advisor and Mr. Alan Oshry, history along with Ms. Angie Brickhouse, Executive Director of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation and Alumni Association provided some tantalizing stories about the antics of the Class of 1970 and the efforts of the Foundation and Alumni Association to support the Polytechnic faculty, administration and students of today provided valuable information to the attendees.

The effort to support Polytechnic in the form of a class gift to raise $ 12,000.00 to have every Polytechnic yearbook scanned to a hard drive to reside in the Alumni office which allows easy access by the staff to locate the appearance of any Poly student in any yearbook. This will allow the integrity of the yearbooks to remain intact for years to come, yet provide access to each of the books.

The Boumi Shriner Hall in Rosedale was the location and Atlantic Caterers was the caterer providing the wonderful food and drink.
Naturally, the highlight of the evening was all of the catching up and in some cases making of new friends from over fifty years ago. Conversation were held refreshing old memories and learning what each other have done since our days at Polytechnic.

A good time was had by all. We will make every attempt to offer smaller get togethers throughout the next couple of years, prior to the 55th reunion.

A BIG thank you to all pitched in to help make this night a success. Let’s keep talking and meeting so that we can keep in touch with those we found and let’s keep searching for our lost classmates. If you would like to volunteer a bit of your time and talent, please contact me, Adrian Palazzi, ’70 Ke4 by either email, apalazzi2@gmail.com or cell phone, 410-952-8890. All are welcome and needed.
If you are interested in learning more about the reunion, our class gift and our fundraising effort for eh gift, please contact me by the me by either method shown above or visit our class website, Poly70.org. Visit the site to see video of the band and pictures from the event.
This 50th reunion as well as the earlier reunions have provided great opportunities to catch up and stay in touch. Let’s keep up the good work.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrian Palazzi
On Behalf of the Reunion Committee

Here is a video of some of the Poly Class of '70 Reunion Band's performance.

$ 10801 $ 12000

A Class Gift

Dear Classmates,

At the most recent Poly Class of 1970 50th reunion meeting, the committee discussed the idea of making a class gift, as we have never done this since our graduation. There are numerous projects which are under consideration in the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Foundation and Alumni Association office, all of which are designed to directly benefit the students and alumni of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. The leading project needing support is one to hire a professional firm to scan every Poly yearbook we have, which numbers around 100, dating back to 1902. The scanned material will then go into a computer program which will be resident in the Foundation and Alumni Association office. An employee in that office can then simply type in a name of a graduate and the program will search the entire database and show every location right down to the page number where that name appears.

Just a reminder, we are still soliciting funds for our class gift. Click here to donate.

Classmates List


View the listing of the entire Class of '70 organized by homeroom.

Lost Classmates


We need updated classmate information to make the reunion it's best.

Deceased Classmates

Deceased Classmates

In memory of members of the Class of '70 who are no longer with us.

50 Years Later

A History of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Class of 1970

It was the summer of 1966. Approximately two hundred (200) young men from in and around Baltimore City received their official acceptance letter from Mr. Claude A. Burkert, Principal of the most prestigious all male high school in the State of Maryland and the entire country. This letter informed each young man that as part of the incoming class of 1970, they had been accepted into the toughest Special College Curriculum, “A” Course which had the most rigorous program in Math, Science and Engineering which when successfully completed would prepare them for college level work at any and every university in the world. A diverse collection of young men from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County , Anne Arundle County and countries such as France and Russia. Divided into six (6) homerooms ...

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